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Choosing your plants depends on your taste; climate; surroundings; soil type and what you want to achieve from the plantings. Plants are like us humans in many ways, they need regular water and nutrients to survive and the more care you give them the more they thrive and grow into the best plant they can be. Planting the wrong plant in the wrong area can cause major issues such as paving to crack and lift, pipes being broken, being harmful to pets and humans or simply just not thriving or even not surviving due to lack of nutrients or sunlight. With so many different choices available to purchase it can be difficult to find the right choice for your area. Dinga’s Designer Landscapes can help you choose the plant that bests suits your plan.


The choice of turf in any area must be carefully considered. The decision should be based on many different aspects of the surroundings – usage; maintenance; wear and tear; climate; amount of shade and light. All the grasses respond differently to all of these aspects so choosing the right one is vital as the turf will not thrive in an unusual habitat.


A must for all gardens including vegetable patches is to have a healthy covering of mulch. The usage of the garden would determine the type of mulch best suited, from organic mulch in a garden bed to pebbles in a pathway. Mulch provides nutrients, a cover to block out weeds and helps to stop water evaporation. Mulching is not only good for the garden but also enhances the look of the landscape.


A great choice for an entertaining area, walkway or a feature screen, there are endless things to create with decking. With so many varieties and sizes available it is hard to know which one will look best in your situation. Having a deck is very common in an Australian backyard but here at DDL we can change the plain deck into something more exciting and practical. Minimal maintenance, practicality and visual appeal of a deck will enhance any landscape.

Paving & Tiling

From paving underneath your patio, to tiling your outdoor kitchen – paving or tiling can be used in numerous ways to perfect your landscape. Picking the correct material including the colour for your job is vital, some reflect sunlight and create glare while others absorb the sunlight. Some pavers and tiles can be uncomfortable to walk on with bare feet due to heat or the finished surface. Using the correct paver/tile can really enhance your landscape and keep the same theme throughout your garden with having lush plants surrounding them or a lush green lawn.


Something that has become more and more common in Australian landscapes is the use of irrigation systems. With more and more products available each year now it makes it easier for today’s busy lifestyle. There are many different types of irrigation available for your garden – depending on the site and vegetation. Some vegetation prefer watering from above ground with other vegetation preferring underground watering.

Water Features

The ultimate focal point in a landscape is a water feature; the sound of running water can be very peaceful and it will also look beautiful. A water feature, seen and heard from your entertaining area creates a serene and harmonious setting. There are many types of ready made water features available or having a custom made one built for your landscape it can be a real bonus for the garden. Additional features can be added to your water feature such as beautiful water plants, lights, smoke machine or even a new pet goldfish.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be the difference between having a nice landscape and having an amazing landscape. Lighting in the landscape is necessary if you are going to use the area in the night time, or it can also be utilised as a feature, direct traffic down a path, security and many other options. All electrical work at DDL is installed by a licenced electrician. A great bonus to any landscape, lighting should always be considered to further enhance the garden.

Retaining Walls

The choice of materials for retaining walls is endless. From a simple timber log wall to a majestic sandstone wall the choice is up to you. The purpose of a retaining wall is to retain soil from falling away where there is a desired level too harsh. Retaining walls should be properly installed as the pressure from the soil behind could cause it to collapse and possibly cause major damage and injury. With the endless choices in material there is something for everyone’s garden. Planting around a retaining wall will really enhance the look of the wall or could hide a not so nice existing wall.

Privacy Screens

Want to block out the neighbours or hide the shed? Then putting up a privacy screen is a fast and effective way. Waiting for a hedge to grow to your desired level can be very slow but, installing a new screen can be up within a matter of days or even hours. There are various purposes for screens such as privacy, climbing plants, wind barriers with the choices being endless. Depending on its purpose there are many different types of materials available.


Adding a pergola to your landscape can create the extra room for entertaining outside. Many different designs are available; from covered to open or even electrical so you can choose what elements to allow in. Why not create that extra living area in your home.